sexta-feira, outubro 20

Breaking the Silence: "Palestine is still the issue"

"The great enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge", once said Stephan Hawking.
In the context of growing public debates both inside and outside Israel/Palestine in order to "break the silence" about the brutal everyday realities of Israel's military occupation and victimization of the Palestinian people, and out of the belief in peace, justice and the power of collective consciousness in bringing about a change that would break the current cycle of silences, complicities and Shy Solidarities, share this documentary with all people.
"Palestine is still the issue" is a unique documentary film (54 Min. only!) wherein Palestinian and Israeli individuals speak out and tell their stories of a gruesome colonial episode that takes place as we speak. The film gives deep insights of the lives of the victims of violence from both sides!

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