quinta-feira, junho 22

Por um novo paradigma de espaço publico.

Last summer, Christoph Steinbrener and Rainer Dempf applied this concept to the urban settings themselves. In a remarkable display of cooperation for the sake of art, every store on a popular shopping street in Vienna allowed their signage to be masked in yellow fluorescent foil.
The artists also ?deleted? all public signs and signals, except those necessary for road safety. The installation ran from June 6?30. The man in the photo is pondering either the ?smooth orderless space? or ?the geometric bodies now more evident due to the monochrome uniformity of the signs?. Or he?s trying to figure out where the hell he is. That?s okay. A little befuddlement is a small price to pay for such a powerful piece of art. Christoph and Rainer, bring it Stateside! (Unfortunately, I don?t think we?d see this on any U.S. street. A public space project like The Gates is one thing, but American businesses allowing their logos to be concealed? Sadly, never.)

Simulations of projects in New York City and Ginza: